AnywhereUSB® Plus

Connect USB peripheral devices anywhere on a Local Area Network (LAN) without a locally-attached host computer

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The Business Solution for Dongle Management

MyUTN Dongle Server

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نماینده انحصاری درایران و خاورمیانه

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Network-Attached USB Hub

Network-attached USB hub connects USB perioheral devices

anywhere on aLAN -without alocally-attached host PC

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ePMP series

Cambium Networks

Huawei | Fiberhome




Computer Networks

The selected topology for network implementation is an important factor in meeting needs. It divides computer networks into different components. LAN, WAN, MAN



The new technology in the IT world is dramatically increasing and welcoming organizations around the world. Virtualization has revolutionized the hardware infrastructure of organizations, and virtually new architecture is based on it.


Introduction and Performance

Introducing the latest IT products in the field of radio communications, as well as transmitting Voice, Data, media on the basis of wireless, introducing and familiarizing with the latest virtualization equipment and virtualization.

Wifi wireless communication

Design and implementation of specific coatings. Based on Wi-Fi technology serving urban transport and traffic, urban and intercity rail traffic between the oil and gas industries including VOIP services, Serial to IP Conversion, SCADA,

Certificates. Credits. permissions

Wireless Planning Services

One of the ways to high bandwidth is to replace services such as fiber and the like, using wireless or wireless connectivity so that you can share the best bandwidth at a lower cost. Among the services offered are the following:

Designing high-tech technical radio networks based on new network design tools.
Provide comprehensive solutions to meet the communication needs
Consulting services and designing of radio networks in the field of wireless communications
consulting services:

Investigating and feasibility of radio networks using Link Planner and Google Earth software
Feasibility and providing solutions for roaming networks by using Huawei software
Consultation on how to provide the relevant equipment and brand financially
Design and implementation services:

Designing radio networks in different bands by using modern tools
Implementation and communication, support and maintenance
24-hour support service

About US

The Supplying Unit (Commerce) of Kavosh basabad Co. is proud to achieve the goals of construction and self-sufficiency of the country and according to various needs of process control equipment and to study the problems of production processes in order to improve industrial production, which considers itself as one of the most reliable sources of supply of goods Introduce.

At present, the company provides all its purchases, including telecommunication equipment, electronic, oil, gas, petrochemicals, etc., and is proud to serve the various industries of the country.

It also makes purchases of equipment from European and American companies using its partners in other overseas companies without any restrictions.

The most important areas of commercial activity of Kavosh Co.

Embeded computers, Storage Servers
Types of measuring and laboratory devices from Agilent, R & S, Tektronix, Fluke, Anritsu,.
Industrial controllers and automation equipment
The parts of Telecommunication components and connectors, RF and industrial and military ITT Cannon, Lemo and Amphenol,

motors and encoders for Lenze, Faulhaber, Maxon, Stoegra Parker
Industrial equipment and supplies include all kinds of industrial keys, contactors, wires and cables, high power, low power and etc

  • sales representative

    Kavosh Freedom engineering company as the official representative of Digi and Cambium in Iran

  • Sell the latest products

    You can buy the latest products from various companies in the shortest possible time.

  • The full product guide

    A complete guide to the performance of radios purchased at various distances and better performance

  • Support

    Support for all items sold during installation and also for answering all specialized questions.

Cambuim Network

Motorola has gained a lot of popularity in the field of PTP wireless telephony, PTMTP, and in 2011 Cambium Newtwork continued to sell Motorola and introduced a new product called ePMP to the market and is widely accepted by many service providers. Internet, VOIP …….

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