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Established in 2012, kavoshbasamad products have been deployed by customers in Iran. The company was initially created to provide Internet Service Providers and telecommunication carriers with cutting edge wireless solutions for first and last mile broadband access in the Emerging Markets sector. kavoshbasamad is the benchmark of carrier grade multiservice broadband wireless access systems, simply delivering

Kavosh basamad Co, in 1396, managed to obtain the exclusive sales and after-sales service of SEH. The company has been able to secure a special place among employers, consultants and contractors as well as providing after-sales services, and this has been achieved by the contractors interest and efforts of all experienced personnel of kavoshbasamad Co

kavoshbasamad places the highest value on building and supporting our relationships with global partners. We see these relationships as the foundation for the long-term business success of our company. Our business philosophy is built on a longstanding conviction of Trust, Integrity and that all business transactions must be on a Win-Win basis. We strongly believe in the value of a partner program that maximizes sales opportunities, market penetration, and mutual profitability.

Kavoshbasamad is committed to your success as ankavoshbasamad partner by providing best-in-class wireless BWA, MESH and WiMAXand etcsolutions.


All the information about the technologies and products will be useless, rather confusing, if there is not enough information on how to apply the technology or the product to solve the daily problems of a business or an industry.

Following are some of the applications of Netronics wireless networking products and solutions

The Challenge: You have two weeks to build IT infrastructure for a new building on the other side of town. How can you connect this facility to the enterprise network in time and within your tight budget?

Oil, Gas & Industrial Applications

Few markets have more to gain from reliable, high-capacity wireless broadband solutions that cover dozens or even hundreds of square miles than the oil & gas industry. Reduced lifting costs, remote video surveillance, VoIP and even multimegabit mobile access over water or on wheels can be delivered under a single solution.

Public Safety Application

As Public Safety issues grow increasingly more complex to address, the end goal still remains straightforward: to empower the community with reliable security services and enable the routine of daily life to proceed comfortably.

Municipal Application

Leave politics out of the equation; when it comes to the success of local government, the only true benchmark for public satisfaction is quality of life. From small rural townships and large counties to the sprawl and bustle of urban centers, maintaining the integrity and comfort of “the Community” is a complex sequence of challenges

Open-pit Mining Application

Wireless broadband provides the communication backbone required by every open-pit mining operation. Fast, secure data transfer, VoIP telephony and video surveillance are all supported by a single wireless communication platform from Netronics.

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Wireless communication equipment

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