FTTH GPON OLT MA5608T 10G uplink Mini access OLT

The MA5608T is an integrated fiber-copper access device, and can serve as a mini-OLT or mini DSLAM.

The MA5608T, if serving as a mini-OLT, supports GPON and 10G GPON access modes.It can be installed at a residential district or a street side, which reduces the usage of ODN backbone optical cables, lowers the ODN deployment cost and difficulty, and minimizes the CO equipment room space.

The MA5608T, if serving as a mini-DSLAM, supports ADSL2+, VDSL2, SHDSL, and POTS access modes and provides Internet access, voice, and video services.

MA5608T FTTH GPON OLT Specification

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    MA5608T FTTH GPON OLT Specification

    Board configuration۲ slots for control boards

    ۲ slots for service boards

    ۱ slots for the power interface board.

    Switching capacity of the backplane bus۷۲۰ Gbit/s
    Supported control board and its switching capacityMCUD/MCUD1: 128 Gbit/s in active/standby mode or 256 Gbit/s in load-sharing mode
    System Layer 2 packet forwarding rateMCUD/MCUD1: 128 Gbit/s in active/standby mode or 256 Gbit/s in load-sharing mode
    Switching/Forwarding delayShort forwarding delay: The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends the 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs.
    BER in full loadBER of a port when the port transmits data in full load < 10 e-7
    System reliability specificationsSystem: redundant configuration.

    System availability for the typical configuration: > 99.999%

    Mean time between failures (MTBF): about 45 years.


    Due to different network environments and different boards used by devices, the above-mentioned MTBF (45 years) of the MA5608T is only for reference. The average repair time for field replaceable units (FRUs) is about 2 hours. The preceding values are only for reference. For details, contact the related engineers.

    Maximum number of ADSL2+ ports in a subrack۱۲۸
    Maximum number of VDSL2 ports in a subrack۱۲۸
    Maximum number of EFM SHDSL ports in a subrack۶۴
    Maximum number of TDM SHDSL ports in a subrack۳۲
    Maximum number of POTS ports in a subrack۱۲۸
    Maximum number of ISDN BRA ports in a subrack۶۴
    Maximum number of ISDN PRA ports in a subrack۶۴
    Maximum number of GPON ports in a subrack۳۲
    Maximum number of 10G GPON ports in a subrack۸
    Maximum number of P2P FE ports in a subrack۹۶
    Maximum number of P2P GE ports in a subrack۹۶
    Operating environmentOperating temperature: -40°C to +65°C

    Operating humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH

    Atmospheric pressure: 61 kPa to106 kPa

    Altitude: ≤ ۴۰۰۰ m

    ۱٫MA5608T FTTH GPON OLT Developed based on the iMAP hardware platform and the IAS software platform, the MA5600T series product takes on the advanced architecture and design.

    ۲٫The switching capacity of the backplane is up to 3.2 Tbit/s, and the bidirectional switching capacity of the control board is up to 480 Gbit/s.

    ۳٫High density GE/10GE interfaces for cascading, up to 36*10GE or 384*GE interfaces, no need for additional investment of aggregation switches.

    ۴٫Each GPFD board supports 16 GPON ports, based on the 1:128 split ratio, the single subrack supports up to 16K ONTs.

    ۵٫MA5608T FTTH GPON OLT Sharing the development platform with its broadband access devices, the MA5600T series product support the Layer 2 and Layer 3 features of the broadband access devices to provide user-oriented and future-oriented functions.

    ۶٫GE/GPON/NGPON coexisting on the same platform.

    ۷٫Aggregation switches.

    Any Access

    ۱٫Large capacity IPTV service provision, 8K multicast users and 4K multicast channels and 2k concurrent multicast channels.

    ۲٫HQoS support 3-level QoS (Different ISP/ service/user) guarantees OLT wholesale.

    ۳٫Traditional E1 service access, Native TDM or CESoP for traditional E1 service of enterprise and mobile base station access.

    ۴٫E-LAN function for local traffic inter-connection, meet the requirements of enterprise and campus network.

    Powerful integrated GPON access capability

    ۱٫MA5608T FTTH OLT Supports high bandwidth. The downstream rate is up to 2.488 Gbit/s and the upstream rate is up to 1.244 Gbit/s.

    ۳٫MA5608T FTTH OLT Supports long distance. The maximum physical transmission distance of the ONT is 60 km. The physical distance between the farthest ONT and the nearest ONT can be up to 20 km.

    ۴٫MA5608T FTTH OLT Supports high split ratio. The 16-port GPON board supports 1:128 split ratio, which increases the access capacity and saves the optical fiber resources.

    ۵٫MA5608T FTTH OLT Support high density. The MA5600T series provides the   ۸-port and 16-port GPON board to increase the system capacity.

    Powerful QoS capability

    ۱٫MA5608T access mini olt Supports priority control (based on the port, MAC address, IP address, TCP port ID, or UDP port ID), priority mapping and modification based on the ToS field and 802.1p, and DSCP differentiated services.

    ۲٫MA5608T access mini olt Supports bandwidth control (based on the port, MAC address, IP address, TCP port ID, or UDP port ID) with a control granularity of 64 kbit/s.

    ۳٫MA5608T access mini olt Supports three queue scheduling modes: priority queue (PQ), weighted round robin (WRR), and PQ+WRR.

    ۴٫MA5608T access mini olt Supports HQoS, which assures the multi-service bandwidth for multiple users: The first level assures the user bandwidth, and the second level assures the bandwidth for each service of each user. This ensures that the assured bandwidth is allocated absolutely and the burst bandwidth is allocated fairly.

    Comprehensive security features

    ۱٫ System security measure

    ۲٫Protection against the DoS (denial of service) attack.

    ۳٫MAC (media access control) address filtering.

    ۴٫Anti-ICMP/IP packet attack.

    ۵٫Source address routing filtering.


    ۲٫ User security measure

    ۱٫DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Option 82 to enhance the DHCP security.

    ۲٫Binding between MAC/IP addresses and ports.

    ۳٫Anti-MAC spoofing and anti-IP spoofing.

    ۴٫Authentication based on the serial number (SN) and password of the ONU/ONT.

    ۵٫Triple churning encryption.

    ۶٫Encrypted broadcast transmission in the GPON downstream direction for different users, such as AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption.

    ۷٫GPON type B OLT dual homing.

    ۸٫Smart link and monitor link for the network with dual upstream channels.

    High reliability design

    ۱٫MA5608T access olt Adopts 1+1 redundancy backup for the control board and the upstream interface board.

    ۲٫MA5608T access olt Provides the lightning-proof and anti-interference functions.

    ۳٫MA5608T access olt Supports fault pre-warning on the exhaustive (consumed) units and parts, such as the fan, power supply, and battery.

    ۴٫The 1+1 (type B) protection for the PON port and the 300 ms level service protection switchover for the backbone optical fiber are supported.

    ۵٫MA5608T access olt Supports main control board in-service upgrade .

    ۶٫MA5608T access olt Supports high temperature detection to ensure the system safety.

    ۷٫The functions of querying the board temperature, setting the temperature threshold, and high temperature shutdown are supported.

    ۸٫MA5608T access olt Supports hot swappable for all service boards and the control boards.

    ۹٫MA5608T access olt Provides soft-start circuit, protective circuit, current-limit protection, and short circuit protection for the input power of the boards in the subrack to protect the boards against lightning strikes and surges.

    ۱۰٫MA5608T access olt Supports GPON type C OLT dual homing.

    ۱۱٫MA5608T access olt Supports smart link and monitor link for the network with dual upstream channels.


    ۱٫With its self-developed GPON chipsets, the maximum power consumption of the16-port GPON line card is only 73W.

    ۲٫Unique energy-saving bus, the idle service card can be powered off