Wireless Brodband

Voice over IP

:reduction in costs
By setting up a wip in your organization or company, minimize call costs and system and wiring costs

Contact management
With the launch of Whip, manage your company contacts and get notified of your personnel conversations so you can provide services and services to your customers.

Ability to move and roam

In Wi-Fi systems, if the user wants to use his own internal number elsewhere within the organization, just plug his phone into the closest network socket on the wall.

No need for dedicated wiring for the telephone network

Unlike the central telephone, which had to provide a pair of wires for each subscriber, to significantly increase the number of subscribers or to install the central system, IP-based systems can use the existing network platform for users, and the need for There is no dedicated wiring

Establish a cable network

:Requirements and network design
Estimating the needs of the organization with a view to its future development is essential as a first step in design. At this stage, consultation experts determine the organization of the visit and its information and needs in cooperation with the relevant managers and experts. In this way, managers will have the information they need to specify the scope and details and even the phases of the network implementation.
Subsequently, the design of the network is carried out in accordance with the requirements specified above, the technical documentation, including the list of equipment and services required, along with the communication maps and network structure, are provided.
Monitor Network Execution:
The importance of monitoring is twofold: on the one hand, monitoring compliance with the technical specifications of the equipment with the proposed scheme and the authenticity of the equipment, and, on the other hand, observance of the standards and principles of the operation of the network.

Virtualization services offered:

Understanding, analyzing and analyzing existing conditions and performing analytical calculations necessary for migrating to virtual environments.

Virtual infrastructure design based on Vmware solutions as well as open source solutions based on the Service Oriented Datacenter model.

Implementing virtualization projects involves the infrastructure of the Vmware cluster using advanced technology, HA, FT, DRS, Vmotion.

Immigration from the current physical or virtual environment to the virtual environment with minimal impairment for the provided services.

Provide disaster recovery solutions using Vmware SRM capabilities

Provide optimal backup solutions for virtual environments

Provide optimal virtual infrastructure monitoring solutions

Presenting Consolidation Solutions


When the Wi-Fi technology was born and introduced to the world of communication in the 1990’s, the concept of wireless communications was completely transformed, then in the early years of its development, a variety of applications were designed to provide access at a wider level. With the advent of GPRS technology, widespread CMDA and 3G technologies, and especially the introduction of LTE, many believed Wi-Fi was over. But Wi-Fi’s unmatched Wi-Fi capabilities, along with widespread techniques and applications based on it, now not only remind us of the need to use current Wi-Fi applications in everyday life, but also the new chapter, along with the arena Various other applications have started in the category of communication or Wi-Fi usage


  • Study and feasibility and advice of communication projects

    Comprehensive telecommunication plans and technical plans

    Study and advice on choosing and optimizing communication systems

  • Technical Services

    Choosing the right place to create and maintain a good and lasting relationship

    Preparation of operational and operational plans

  • Design, integration, implementation and maintenance of telecommunication projects

    Designing radio networks in different bands using modern tools

  • Supply and support of equipment required

    Implementation and communication, support and maintenance

    24-hour support service

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